Pens and pen pouches.

"Collection of handmade Fountain pens"

“Collection of handmade Fountain pens”

Writing skills are probably amongst  the finest and most useful skills to be mastered by Man. The practice and development of a personal handwriting style has always been held in very high regard, and often used to show character in an individual. Unfortunately electronic inventions such as the tablet, personal computers and even mobile phones have largely made this practice obsolete. Sloppy, undisciplined and illegible handwriting, and even poor spelling and sentence construction is commonplace. I often look at old manuscripts such as logbooks, records, diaries etc just to marvel at the meticulous writing form displayed in them.

Most of us still have a need for a personal writing instrument in our daily lives. Taking notes in a meeting, scribbling a note to a colleague or friend, writing a birthday wish or simply jotting down your thoughts on a topic to be converted later to electronic text still form part of our daily lives. I have made the switch to a fountain pen many years ago as my personal writing instrument of choice. Using a fountain pen improves your handwriting skills because it provides you with much more control. It doesn’t skip across the page as easily as a ballpoint pen or even worse, a rollerball. Yet still it has the smoothness and writing ease that you need for those marathon writing tasks without hand fatigue. And,  owning and using a fountain pen is a complete, interactive experience, involving selecting and experimenting  (even blending) different inks to find your favourite shade.

In the first picture are some of the fountain pens that I have made. These pens feature resin barrels, and nibs from Germany. The rest of the pen is made from the best quality pen-kits available.  I do not at present concentrate much on the manufacture of pens, due mainly to time constraints. However, I included this photo to show you that you don’t have to rely on standard, shop bought pens, but also have a choice of customised pens available.

"Leather pouches for hanging pens around the neck"

“Leather pouches for hanging pens around the neck”

The pens that I have available for sale include some of the excellent, affordable fountain pens from the Hero Pen Manufacturing Company, in Shanghai.  (See my post on “affordable pens” on my home page.) The Hero Pen Manufacturing Company in Shanghai, is one of, if not the worlds largest pen manufacturing company.  I have a lot of fun testing and reviewing some of their very large and varied range of pens.  I do carry some stock from the Hero Pen company. These very affordable pens are ideal gifts, and is a very good entry level pen for those who want to start writing with fountain pens. Although I have quite a collection of fountain pens, including  some more expensive well known brands and vintage stalwarts, a Hero 616 is my every day writing pen. I usually take two of them to meetings, in case one runs dry!

Please see the next photo of the pens I have for sale, and contact me if you are interested in obtaining any of them. Please note, that although these pens are brand new, you will receive them inked, because I personally test every pen before sending them to you. The prices also dont include postage. Once you have decided on a pen, contact me with your address, and I will determine your postage.


You certainly would want to take your new pen with you in the briefcase or handbag. But how do you protect it from dings and scratches? And what do you do with it at work if you dont have a top pocket on your shirt to carry it in?

Here I can offer you two very stylish and effective solutions.  For total protection in your hand bag or brief case I recommend the Classic Full pouch. These pouches are available in a variety of colours (let me know what you are after if you dont see it in the photo), and they come in two sizes, depending on the girth of your pen. The pen are fully enclosed and protected even in the harsh environment of a tool box. These sell for 32.00 AU each, plus postage.


The second solution is to get one of my Neck pouches, I also sometimes refer to these as “Teachers pouches”, because so many teachers and library workers use these to always keep their pens safe and easily accessible. These pouches are open topped sleeves, with a kangaroo thong to hang it around your neck if you dont regularly wear shirts with top pockets. Also available in a vast selection of colours, they sell for 20.00 plus postage.


{More photos soon}

"Leather pouches for hanging pens around the neck"

“Leather pouches for hanging pens around the neck”