The Reivilo difference. Watch straps to enhance any time piece.

Congratulations! You have reached the studio of Reivilo watch straps.  In this studio I  create fine and individual watch straps, using techniques that I have honed  and tested over my leather working career. Straps designed by myself, but mostly by my individual customers.

A watch strap is not only a means of attaching your time piece to your arm. It is an extension of the watch itself. It should compliment the watch, show the watch off and securely keep your watch safe in the most desirable place for it: your arm. You should be as proud of the strap as you are of your watch. On more than one occasion when wearing one of my unique combination straps, conversation started around the strap, only afterwards moving on to the unique time piece it may have been attached to.

Reivilo watch straps are build (literally and figuratively….) around kangaroo leather. Found in Australia from commercially sustainable hunting, kangaroo leather is the Wonder Child of the leather industry.

Some technical information: Split  kangaroo leather retains considerably more of the original tensile strength of the unsplit leather than does calf. When split to 20% of original thickness kangaroo retains between 30 and 60% of the tensile strength of the unsplit hide. Calf on the other hand split to 20% of original thickness retains only 1-4% of original strength. This is of great significance in the manufacture of watch straps.

Kangaroo leather is lighter and stronger than the hide of a cow or goat. It has 10 times the tensile strength of cowhide and is 50% stronger than goat. See Wikipedia.

Available in a range of beautiful fashion colours, kangaroo leather lend itself to the creation of virtual unlimited individual watch strap designs. Add to this a choice of coloured thread for sewing and a choice of top quality stainless steel buckles, conventional commercial watch straps will seem to pale in the background.

How are Reivilo watch straps manufactured? Well, the short answer is: I do it all by myself, by hand, stitching every strap using the saddle stitch method, still probably the most effective method of stitching.

I make two basic styles of kangaroo straps. Padded and without padding. The difference is, well, in the padding. The padded straps have a raised portion in the middle of the strap, giving it a more sculptured and fuller look. Both styles are very effective and choice is based on personal preference, not functionality. Most of my straps are stitched around the outer edge, some stitching are more creative and decorative than other. I do offer straps that are glued without the edge stitching, if the plain look is more appealing to you.

Reivilo straps is also the home of straps made from Cane toad leather, backed with kangaroo, off course. This adds another very interesting dimension to the straps, without sacrificing any of the kangaroo leather advantages.

Then, last but not the least, we do offer cow, or cow and kangaroo combinations.

I will endeavour to show as many different styles of my straps as possible. Most of these straps were created for clients, so if you would like something similar, but perhaps with a different colour stitching or leather, please contact me. Customising is the key word of Reivilo straps, so let your imagination go. With an unlimited number of watch designs out there, I think its only fair to match that with an unlimited range of straps.