Watch strap review: Natural Kangaroo.

This must be one of the most satisfying strap making exercises I have had in a long time! I ordered this natural coloured Kangaroo leather for another project, had a bit left and decided to experiment with making a watch strap from it. The results are spectacular!

Natural Kangaroo leather come in a number of different shades, this particular one is probably best described as “tan”. The strength and durability of Kangaroo leather is legendary. The material of choice for cutting thongs/lace or other projects where durability is of high importance. Purported to be ten (10!) times stronger than bovine (cow), it also retains its strength much better than bovine when reduced in size. This explains why its the choice for thongs, or lace. This is also of great importance for watch strap making. This specific strap is only available in padded. This extra detail gives the thin kangaroo strap more body, and rigidity.

For this project I have selected brown braided polyester, waxed, for the hand sewing. This thread is excellent in durability as far as wear and resistance to rot is concerned. It also does not fray, adding to the strength.

Buckle is my standard, unbreakable and robust stainless steel buckle used on all my projects. Price, 25.00 AU plus postage. As all of my straps, this one is also covered by my standard Reivilo watch strap warranty, explained elsewhere on my website.

"Padded Kangaroo"

"Padded Kangaroo"



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