Reivilo watch strap of the week: Honey tan.

From this week I will start with a regular (weekly…?) review, or lets rather say introduction of some of the many different watch straps on offer by Reivilo Watch Straps. Yes, although I mention weekly, it may not be that often, but, well, weekly sounds better than “ten daily”, “half monthly”, or even “fortnightly”.

The colour that I have chosen for the first review is one of my personal favorites. It is called ” Tan-honey”, and it is a soft bovine leather (cow!), with a subtle shine.This strap is available in either a padded or un-padded model. Padded in watch strap nomenclature indicates that the strap has a raised, or padded central area. This adds some bulk and can be a pleasant detail on some straps.

"Tan-honey, watch straps, padded (R),un-padded (L)"

"Tan-honey, watch straps, padded (R),un-padded (L)"

Stitching is done by hand, using a darker brown braided thread. This braid is synthetic and rot resistant. As on all Reivilo straps, the buckle is robust, indestructible and made from stainless steel. The strap-end keeper is wide, sewn together and not the weak point as is often found in so many leather straps. It was designed to do the intended job, which is to keep the loose end snugly secured and out of the way. This design is standard on all Reivilo straps.

This strap matches a wide variety of watch styles and dial colours. It is less formal than a dark brown or black, yet goes extremely well with a golden cased dress watch. Padded or not? This is ultimately left to personal choice and the style of your watch. For larger, more robust watches my preference is towards the padded model.

Warranty? We all know nothing lasts forever. With that in mind, Reivilo Watch Straps has a very simple but effective warranty:  Whenever your strap breaks and you return the broken strap and buckle to me, I will build you a new strap of the same colour (if still available), or using any other available colour of your choice and using your old buckle, for half the advertised price, plus postage.

Price: $25.00 Au plus postage.

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