Review: The Hero 366 Fountain pen.

Currently the Hero 366 is the smallest pen in the admirable Hero fountain pen range. However, not only is it distinguishable by its size, but probably also by its simplicity of design.  Weighing in at a mere 10gram, the pen is only 122mm long, capped. This decreases to 105mm uncapped, and 130mm posted.  It is ideally suited for school children or others with small hands, and rekindles many good memories of my old school fountain pen, a Hifra, of similar dimensions. My hands are reasonably large, so the top of the barrel rides barely on the web of my hand. I am definitely partial to lighter pens, as I have mentioned in previous posts.

The Hero 366 is completely made from a plastic compound, and lacks even a metallic clutch ring. The joint between the section and the barrel incorporates a clear ink-window, and a small step-up towards the barrel to act as a stop for the cap. The section is a copy of the Hero 616 (and a number of other Hero pens), as a matter of fact, the 366 is in many ways a small 616. The metallic cap is completely smooth, and the pocket clip is stapled to the cap. “Hero” is stamped on the clip in English, and again in Chinese around the open end of the cap. The clip is quite stiff and hard to slip over the edge of my pocket organizer.

This is another hooded designed nib from Hero, and the iridium pointed nib is listed as a medium. Line width is definitely medium. Writing is smooth, easy and ink flow continuous and wet. What I really enjoyed about this torpedo shaped little pen is that it writes on any piece of paper. This makes it the ideal everyday office pen, where notes and comments are often made on a variety of paper.

"Hero 366"

"Hero 366"

Ink filling and storage is via an ink sac, the aerometric system. This is not interchangeable with any converter or cartridge systems. In keeping with the absolute simplicity of this pen, the ink sac is simply a rubber sac pulled tight over the end of the section (eye dropper style!). Most other pens that use the same mechanism have the sac protected by a thin alluminium tube with a window to facilitate manipulation of the sac during filling. The 366 have none of these, simply the sac!  I found it easier to fill than the pens that have the protective tube around the sac.

My test pen was Black, however they are available in the usual Hero Maroon and Teal as well. I am a strong supporter of Hero pens, and the Hero 366 has done its bit to further strengthen this bond. This pen will suit all levels of writers, but because of its no nonsense and forgiving nature, is especially suited for newcomers, curious to explore the world of fountain pens. In my opinion, another fine example of that genre of extremely affordable fountain pens that is fully capable of a serious writing experience. For this reason these affordable Hero’s are often found in the top pockets of serious pen collectors. The Hero 366 fountain pen is a small, light and very affordable pen that provides a very pleasant writing experience. If you use fountain pens, you should have one!

I do have some of these pens available for sale from time to time, they go for 12.00 AU, plus postage.

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